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I am thrilled to share with you that I have found a way to combine my different blogs and websites  and bring them all under one roof…. flow at it’s very best for me.  Please visit me at  I have been able to  bring more of the pictures and people together who make my life such a  joy.

I hope you will continue to follow my postings and look forward to seeing you there as well, I also have tied a Facebook page and twitter to the  address.   The Facebook page is where I am keeping up with other artists and creators. 

If you have a Facebook page please send me a  friend request  to Rosemary White (reflections of my world) and I can keep up with you as well. 

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Looking forward to seeing you again.

take care.


Blue moons and Storms

“You have had the power all along, my dear.” ~ Glenda, the Good Witch.

Too many times to count, I have enjoyed how Serendipity and  synchronicity weave their events in and out of my life. So why should today be any different.  Even events that are not as pleasant as  Issac comes ashore with all of his might, and on the anniversary of Katrina at that? I came across this today.The movie covers such a wide range of situations and topics. So as many of us are starting our Touch the moon e-course with Rae this week… does this not sum it up for where we are and where we wanta be !

Rae, as you complete one anniversary  with the Fly Tribe and a beautiful new year starts with your own e-course, pure joy fills my heart for you and for all of us participating in your TOUCH THE MOON  course!

We all  know how some movies touch us to the very core, and many times the reason is that we dream  to live some aspect  of that story for our selves, or we are inspired to dream and live such lives or we know someone personally that have obtained their dreams and can relate totally.

Two movie’s that come to mind for me is Pay it forward” and “Avatar“. A friend recommended that I watch Pay it forward, she said I reminded her of that movie in my actions.. what a compliment.  I only watched avatar because my hubby had wanted to, but that movie stirred so many emotions in me, too many to mention, that it is in our movie collection.

The reason I mention these movies, is because too many times to count, many of us know that Rachel continually pays it forward for all of us. She shares her heart and soul with us with all that she has learned, thus we are better souls for her sharing with us.

Pay it Forward (2000)

The movie “Avatar” and the story of how through learning and experiencing other forms of art(another world) and exposing  oneself to other artistic souls(avatars) and embracing the differences in each of us(our personalities).       The imagine and creativity of the colors of this “other world” was breathtaking and beautiful, at least to me. Rae is always creating and imagining cool ways to achieve bliss in her journey.  

Rachel captured it when she said ” I see You” …. she truly does see  each and every one of us and accepts us 100% as our we are.  Yet she will be the 1st to encourage us if we so desire to seek what we want out of life and  to be more authentic with ourselves. 

AvatarI encourage anyone that has just even a twinge of desire to find that creative spark to give her course a try, I feel very confident that we will all learn so much about ourselves and even what direction we want to go artistically.

Love Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary

What do I wish to Learn~ to look at things differently

As long as we stay engaged with life and others around us, I hope we all want to continue to learn all that interests us! Many of us have lists  of things we want to learn that  could take years or even the rest of our lives if we never added anything new to them. One idea that I want to continue to expand and learn to learn to listen to my intuition. Even when that means to scratch off something on our to-do list in order to make room for something that may be speaking to our hearts. With our free-will to make choices we must also learn from those choices too.  Thank you Jamie for an awesome prompt today.

Rene  @  happilyeverafter by Renee Burke  who is hosting  SumMEer of Me asked if would mind sharing how much the SumMEr of Me  community postings have touched  and encouraged me this summer. 
 I can say without any hesitation that part of my SELF -CARE has been to take the time to reach each one of these wonderful guest-Artist postings. Each one approaches self-care a bit different and yet the common thread is so strong throughout all of them.. TAKING CARE OF OURSELVES. Many of us  still need to truely learn to nurture ourselves without guilt of any kind.
As for being an artist~ If capturing moments in time with a camera count then I am all in~ The longing  to do more with my pictures  continues to motivate me each day.
One of the 1st things I did this summer was to make a “SumMEr of ME”  list ( with a gentle nudge from  Jamie Burch’s post: just a few of the goodies on that list.
  • Spend less time cleaning house and more time doing the things I wanta !!
  • Improve on my time management
  • Keep my promise to myself to keep up with my weekly/daily blog posts ~ as I have 2 websites and 3 different blogs ~
  • work on “The Invitation” in relation to my life

The following will no doubt be an awesome wind down from summer in the best of ways.

  •  I am so excited to do this one… I just about cried happy tears down my legs when I read about this e-course. LOL. Touch the Moon will kick off  August 27 (a few days before the Blue Moon) and go through Wednesday, October 31st (Halloween, a few days after October’s full moon).   This has to be one of the most truly creative and loving souls in this universe. I could do a whole posting  just on Her contributions to my life being ” a dream come true”  You know her as Rachél Payne of  collectingyourself .

Re-birth posting help a light bulb come one that I have and do tend to tie my self worth into what I am doing for others.

 Just love this expression “when lit from within~ you can light up the world up”      Kajal Dhabalia   did her posting  on  self-care   a fire did light within.

I too have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease this summer.  As I read her plan, I was so proud that she has already made a plan to keep it in check. In my mind I was saying those things but she has already put them on a list and actually doing them.   Alot of my summer Time has been spent waiting to get a  complete picture of what is going on with my thyroid if there are any other possible “hot/cold” spots in my body. I had made a commitment to myself that I would start a blog about this Journey not knowing exactly where it would take me.  I was so encourgaged by her post  yesterday that I have asked her if I could post  a link to it on my website Finding1selfs thyroid journey.

I continue to look foward to each new post of  SumMEr of ME… When we share we just never know who or when it can make all the difference in the world.

I wish to experience  sharing Joy with all of you.

Some of you may remember over a year ago posts that Rae wrote from her Blog ” Collectingyourself”. Many of us watched her blossom here on Wishcasting Wednesday with such wonderful prompts from Jamie.

I can not think of a more sincere acknowledgment of the wonderful inspiration and encouragement  Jamie gives us each week than to see another one of her previous aspiring participants succeed and see her dreams coming to fruition.

I share this with you to encourage you to pursue your wishes.  Rae is seeing success due to lots of hard work and planning and yes lots of dream boards and others like yourself encouraging her to not give up.

So please share in my excitement to see her offer her 1st E-Course:

And check out all of the wonderful items she has to offer at

As you will see, like us she dreamed of reaching for the moon and now you just might consider that Rae is getting to do her moon walk…   Shine Sistar Shine!!

Is the Bully here to push you around?      No not any longer!!!!                                                                                                                                                   Or has this Bully learned the error of bullying ways and is seeking to apologize?                                                                                                                                       The biggest bully in my life was me, never feeling adequate enough for the people around me. Always felt like I was different from them, not as with it as them,etc.
Where does this Bully take you?                                                                                     Back to memories that are very uncomfortable for me. To the times when I didn’t want to be present for the pain and ridicule.  
What does this Bully show you?
The bully shows me how impressionable I was about what others thought of me. How much pressure either from ourselves or others to be main stream for a lack of a better term.  I don’t think normal applies sense who in this day and age can even give a defineation of the word “Normal” .                                                                      Are you looking into a mirror? Yes, with the mirror being my past and how much pain I inflicted on myself.                                                                 Are you strolling down memory lane? Strolling  –  Hell no…from childhood until just the last 5 years or so has been one chug hole after the other. I really couldn’t see what all the hoopla was about, it just seemed like on struggle after the other. Then some really amazing people came into my life and I allowed my self to be “self” with them and found out it was ok… they accepted that and actually helped me embrace my uniqueness. 
What do you learn from this experience?                                                                   That I am ok just the way I am, even if I am overweight, have unconventional thoughts, and chose to show how I care for people in ways that are comfortable for me. That I am enough for me.

Good afternoon to jamie all at Wishcasting Wednesdays! First let us all cool off by enjoying this picture, LOL.

 As I sat here thinking about this question, it was one of those Ahh Haa moments:

I am sharing what I would like to, that being my experiences through blogging and pictures.  I have shared several times that I  am the happiest when I can share any of my experiences even the rough ones with others to either give them a laugh or to maybe stumble a little less when  a pot hole shows up  in our daily journey. We have enough of them all on our own.

So my wish is that each one of you either from Wishcasting Wednesdays or other sources know that I am grateful each time you drop by  to see and share with me your  experiences and wishes as well.



Behind the door, there stands a Student.  I CHOSE FOR THE STUDENT TO BE ME.

What does this Student study?  People and our surroundings.

Is this Student focusing on studies, or goofing off and day-dreaming? As the student I desire that each day will allow me time to study one person or take time to enjoy the beauty of a flower. I am not sure I have ever been accused of day dreaming and this is something I would like to take part in more.   
Are you missing something important in something that you are studying, or seeking to study? Probably the most important thing that I need to focus on in my studies is to stay in the moment, no matter what task that may be.  
What does this Student have to tell you?  What secrets does this Student have to give you? That inner voice (the student) continues to tell me that I am enough and that is enough. Secretes untold hopefully will be in the days ahead where as a part of earth we all learn and can fully understand what being “of One”  means  and be able to participate in this awakening as one.  
What do you carry away from this meeting? A confirmation that there is more to learn about why we are here and to find the true beauty in it all.

Beck Low Curiosities  has  created this email workshop with visual prompts as well as several questions  to allow ourselves to learn a bit more about ourselves and reflections of our Life experiences. I truly do not know what to expect from this experience, but I have often said when one door closes another opens… so I am going to see where this workshop takes me with no expectations.

What does this Archetype have to tell you?  Where does he or she take you?
What does the Hero have to teach you?
What do you have to teach the Hero?


Beck Low Curiosities  has  created this email workshop with visual prompts as well as several questions  to allow ourselves to learn a bit more about ourselves and reflections of our Life experiences. I truly do not know what to expect from this experience, but I have often said when one door closes another opens… so I am going to see where this workshop takes me with no expectations.

Most likely a Hero would be behind this door for me. I admire strong men. Not in physical strength but in principles and convictions. Since a small girl… Cowboys have always pulled at my heart-strings… for their hard work, sense of right and wrong and their respect for the land they tend as well.. If I had to have one poster to represent my hero, it would have to be JOHN WAYNE.