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Rae, as you complete one anniversary  with the Fly Tribe and a beautiful new year starts with your own e-course, pure joy fills my heart for you and for all of us participating in your TOUCH THE MOON  course!

We all  know how some movies touch us to the very core, and many times the reason is that we dream  to live some aspect  of that story for our selves, or we are inspired to dream and live such lives or we know someone personally that have obtained their dreams and can relate totally.

Two movie’s that come to mind for me is Pay it forward” and “Avatar“. A friend recommended that I watch Pay it forward, she said I reminded her of that movie in my actions.. what a compliment.  I only watched avatar because my hubby had wanted to, but that movie stirred so many emotions in me, too many to mention, that it is in our movie collection.

The reason I mention these movies, is because too many times to count, many of us know that Rachel continually pays it forward for all of us. She shares her heart and soul with us with all that she has learned, thus we are better souls for her sharing with us.

Pay it Forward (2000)

The movie “Avatar” and the story of how through learning and experiencing other forms of art(another world) and exposing  oneself to other artistic souls(avatars) and embracing the differences in each of us(our personalities).       The imagine and creativity of the colors of this “other world” was breathtaking and beautiful, at least to me. Rae is always creating and imagining cool ways to achieve bliss in her journey.  

Rachel captured it when she said ” I see You” …. she truly does see  each and every one of us and accepts us 100% as our we are.  Yet she will be the 1st to encourage us if we so desire to seek what we want out of life and  to be more authentic with ourselves. 

AvatarI encourage anyone that has just even a twinge of desire to find that creative spark to give her course a try, I feel very confident that we will all learn so much about ourselves and even what direction we want to go artistically.

Love Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary


Good afternoon to jamie all at Wishcasting Wednesdays! First let us all cool off by enjoying this picture, LOL.

 As I sat here thinking about this question, it was one of those Ahh Haa moments:

I am sharing what I would like to, that being my experiences through blogging and pictures.  I have shared several times that I  am the happiest when I can share any of my experiences even the rough ones with others to either give them a laugh or to maybe stumble a little less when  a pot hole shows up  in our daily journey. We have enough of them all on our own.

So my wish is that each one of you either from Wishcasting Wednesdays or other sources know that I am grateful each time you drop by  to see and share with me your  experiences and wishes as well.



This post may be one of many ramblings but hopefully I can share all of the beauty that Serendipity and Synchronicity play in my daily life. I am sharing these events to cement my sincere appreciation  and gratitude for being acknowledged as an inspirer .

This beautiful nomination came from Rachél  and her beautiful blog The Art of  Collecting Yourself . She in fact was the one that encouraged and inspired me to start a blog. Her patience and gentle guidance has helped me to Journal as I Journey through life. Along this path I have really come to know my voice and a better understanding  and trust my inner compass.  From the one Blog I now have 3 different blogs and a website that I so enjoy participating in.

The rules for receiving “the very inspiring blogger award” are tell seven random things about yourself, thank the person who has awarded you for this award by linking back to them and pass the award over to other bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them.

Here are my ramblings:

1st Random ramblingI really enjoy Hallmark movies, the kind that make you cry and say afterwards “Thank you Universe for all the blessings in my life”

2nd Random rambling: I enjoy cool/cold weather with hot teas and toddies. It’s all good stuff. 

3rd Random rambling:  When having a gathering I like to “spoil” and make individual drinks of there chosing… I want our guests to feel pampered.

4th Random rambling: I enjoy chair dancing to up-beat and positive music.

5th Random rambling: I am a chocoholic of the dark kind and peanut butter together… my favorite is an ice-cream sunday with warmed up peanut butter and dark chocolate syrup… YUMMY in the TUMMY

6th Random rambling: 99% of the time I truly enjoy my 8 to 5 Job, yep go ahead and laugh but I do.

7th Random rambling: My life is so full of awesome souls and for not being a material girl I have also been blessed with lots of nice accessories that allows me to stay in touch with them in different ways.

Now the true Beauty of this award is that it allows me to extend this gift  and fits right in line with my desire  to “pay it forward” and “Plant a Kiss” . I So enjoy doing for others in a sincere and meaningful way… this is the ticket for me!

My personal belief is that everyone that has ever come into my life had purpose in my life… a lesson either for me or for them… and creating friendships and discovering what makes those friendships special is down right fun!

Here a just a some of the blogs that have helped me  stay on finding1sself ‘s path and give me food for thought as well.

Pull up a toadstool:  Tracy and I connected Immediately.  She is so open and sincere about helping others. She doesn’t worry about being politically correct or doesn’t try to sugar coat the hard truth when it needs to be put out in the universe. She is younger than me  and yet she is wise and true to herself and I respect that in a person.

 Awakened Living   : Janice Lynne Lundy has a way of  presenting  a bead of wisdom  in which to live our daily lives by and breaks them down with suggestions to applying them to our inner work. I can always count on these beads to calm me right down.

Powered by Intuition :  I found Angela Artemis blog about strengthening our Intuition to be very beneficial in which she gives lessons to do to reinforce and know when our intuition is speaking to us.  

I would be amis if I didn’t mention  Wishcasting Wednesday Jamie Ridler presents a promt each Wednesday to us that allows us to search deep within ourselves to find what our inner wishes are and to act on them for sucesses in every aspect of our lives.  I know she has had a hand in countless  soul journeys for so many.   You will find 20+ other beautiful souls there that participate in Wishcasting Wednesday on a regular basis and I encourge you to check it out.

I wish to go to a higher level of  humor and sustained mental & physical energy, Opps, did I forget to mention patienece too!!
Personally I have had a full week and it is only Wednesday . After reading, I do hope you see where my wish is coming from… the heart honestly.

I promise there is a sense of humor in here somewhere…  Really glad Jamie didn’t ask ” where would you want to tell someone where to go today”


Monday we had some of the worst weather for our area that I have seen other than in Hurricanes in 40 years or so. No Less than 17 Warnings for either Severe Storms, tornadoes and Flash Flooding, etc and that was all before noon.

I watched drivers do some seriously crazy things because they were panicking and not realizing that you can’t always just keep going no matter the circumstances. 

Are Other countries wound up  as tight as the U.S.A. about getting to work no matter the price? Many are told to get to work, doing what ever it takes not taking  into account their employee’s safety or their own. Common Sense has been lost somewhere!

 As a trained weather spotter, I  too, was terrified on the roads while going to work I was also looking for drivers in trouble, flooded roads, and aah yes and looking for occasional  funnel clouds, and damaged property too. 

 Many of you may have heard the saying ” Don’t drown, turn around!”  That works on 2 way street, maybe…. But one way exits and feeder roads -NOT!!There were way too many cars that had no way to turn around once they realized that the streets that were flooded. I kid you not, there are Tire trenches going straight  up & down from overpasses where drivers thought if they could  just  go another way it surely was better than where they were, Wrong!   

We all, me included, have  picked at the weather personality some time or another for getting it wrong. But in all honesty… if you talk to a meteorologist, there was probably  a very serious weather event in their life, that caused them to pursue weather, their dedication is driven by their conviction  to hopefully save lives and minimize injuries and physical damage.  They are a kind of Pre-emergency medical technicians of sorts. They try to prepare you so that an emergency or accident doesn’t happen to you because of weather conditions. Ok enough about Monday. 
Tuesday was filled  a mixture of anticipation and  so anxixity  about meeting my husbands Hematologist/oncologist. Another round of  blood work before a treatment plan can be established. 15 tests and hopefully we should have some answers. So the lab was called and oh yes we can take you right in for those. Drive 20 miles to be told, oops can’t do it today will need to come back 1st thing in the am around 6:45 am.

Wednesday  so another 20 miles for hubby to drive this morning.  9  vials of blood taken and then… Oops we can’t do 2 of these tests, you will need to drive on in to the big city for those two tests, another 12 miles or so. Gets another 2 vials drawn and heads back to work 34  miles back to work… gets to work and the hospital calls and says… Opps we didn’t get enough blood, so yep you guessed it another 35 miles back to the big city for 2 more vials drawn… keeping in mind that hubby’s platelet count is very low and high risk of bleeding, but opps what the heck lets just keep sticking him over and over, Opps!

Love, Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary