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If anything was possible what would My wish be for? How many people in your family and friends circles are truely healthy and not fighting something? For me  my wish if possible  “would have to be for everyone to have their health”. I have come to realize in a very profound level that when one has their health they may not know it but they really do have a priceless gift and are more often to lead the life they want to. By this I am referring to those words like “choice or free will”. When we find ourselves with limitations due to health issues, those in turn many times can/do change the type of choices we make. How many people do we know that don’t change jobs because of a pre-existing condition that may not be covered by another insurance company. Don’t get out bad relationships , or don’t feel they could make a major move do to a lapse in coverage  or specialist etc.   I know many of our ailments are due to poor decisions we have made or making still making that contribute to them, but those aren’t really the ones I am referring to.  I also know that many of us have diseases because of the dis-ease that is in our daily lives and many of those we can reverse some of the damage once they are diagnosed and dealt with.  But the diseases that are not reversible and continue to affect ones life nearly day in and day out.

If this wish  to allow all of us our best health possible, to come true… How drastic of a life change would this make on the earth…  What would that do to the medical industry and all the other professions that count on them.   Around here we have  coined the term “mexican restaurant at nearly every corner”  the same can just about be said  for new medical buildings.  We have to ask ourselves were is all of this sickness coming from?  Even when we are trying to make good choices about our health there sure seems to be some elements that are out of our control or that we are not aware of as of yet. If our bodies were healthy then I am sure our world would reflect the same health to a larger degree.

Jamie thank you once again for giving us such a wonderful subject in which to wish up!




It would be Wednesday evening but it’s still Wednesday and Jamie asks what does our heart wish for? I  simply wish that my heart  can always give unconditional love  and understanding for others. My heart aches for souls that are lost and empty, when I see them hurting and bitter about things that may have been misunderstood by others or themselves or just not understood period. My Wish is that their hearts heal with stitches of love. One of my many heart blessings is that know I am whole heartedly loved by many by choice

Two of my favorite words Serrendipity and Synchronicity are at it again in my life…Just love it.

Just this past Wednesday Wishcasting  question was what do I want this summer?  I wrote a small post about it and didn’t think much about it again… Then a wonderful email came to me and I listened to the vlog and what some of the goals were… Sounds like pure fun… so I decided I am going to join in!

I still consider myself quite the novice at blogging and with my unwavering desire to continue to find all of me though exploring my values and truths through my blog of  finding1sself. My dear Friend Rae shared with me that a fellow fly tribe member of hers and blogger  RENEE   @  happilyeverafterbyreneeburke  started a summer series of guest bloggers and artists to examine and share what their secrets are to interpersonal  peace and tricks for their personal happiness and sanitity. Click here to view  her maiden vlog! ;-)

As many of you know right now it seems that medical tests will be taking up quite a bit of my time during this summer, however… In my heart I want to be as much a part of this “sumMEr of Me” as I can. I will continue with my blog  of  Finding1sselfThyroidJouney as part of my promise to myself. So  I am off to start my list of to do’s and to enjoys also. Yeheee Me. !   Love, Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary

I wish this summer to be a full of wonderful memories.

 I have some thyroid issues going on and have spent the last two weeks starting a new blog about this journey. I chose a separate blog so that those  of you that might want to follow can do so with out it interupting  any regular posts regarding Wishcasting Wednesday.  I am doing the blog live so to speak, in that as thoughts, tests, results etc are done I can record them in hopes that it may help someone else down the road have a better understanding that they are not alone when dealing with some of these medical issues.

 In my heart I truly feel that it is contained to just my thyroid but the summer months look like they will be dotted with differnt tests.

This post may be one of many ramblings but hopefully I can share all of the beauty that Serendipity and Synchronicity play in my daily life. I am sharing these events to cement my sincere appreciation  and gratitude for being acknowledged as an inspirer .

This beautiful nomination came from Rachél  and her beautiful blog The Art of  Collecting Yourself . She in fact was the one that encouraged and inspired me to start a blog. Her patience and gentle guidance has helped me to Journal as I Journey through life. Along this path I have really come to know my voice and a better understanding  and trust my inner compass.  From the one Blog I now have 3 different blogs and a website that I so enjoy participating in.

The rules for receiving “the very inspiring blogger award” are tell seven random things about yourself, thank the person who has awarded you for this award by linking back to them and pass the award over to other bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them.

Here are my ramblings:

1st Random ramblingI really enjoy Hallmark movies, the kind that make you cry and say afterwards “Thank you Universe for all the blessings in my life”

2nd Random rambling: I enjoy cool/cold weather with hot teas and toddies. It’s all good stuff. 

3rd Random rambling:  When having a gathering I like to “spoil” and make individual drinks of there chosing… I want our guests to feel pampered.

4th Random rambling: I enjoy chair dancing to up-beat and positive music.

5th Random rambling: I am a chocoholic of the dark kind and peanut butter together… my favorite is an ice-cream sunday with warmed up peanut butter and dark chocolate syrup… YUMMY in the TUMMY

6th Random rambling: 99% of the time I truly enjoy my 8 to 5 Job, yep go ahead and laugh but I do.

7th Random rambling: My life is so full of awesome souls and for not being a material girl I have also been blessed with lots of nice accessories that allows me to stay in touch with them in different ways.

Now the true Beauty of this award is that it allows me to extend this gift  and fits right in line with my desire  to “pay it forward” and “Plant a Kiss” . I So enjoy doing for others in a sincere and meaningful way… this is the ticket for me!

My personal belief is that everyone that has ever come into my life had purpose in my life… a lesson either for me or for them… and creating friendships and discovering what makes those friendships special is down right fun!

Here a just a some of the blogs that have helped me  stay on finding1sself ‘s path and give me food for thought as well.

Pull up a toadstool:  Tracy and I connected Immediately.  She is so open and sincere about helping others. She doesn’t worry about being politically correct or doesn’t try to sugar coat the hard truth when it needs to be put out in the universe. She is younger than me  and yet she is wise and true to herself and I respect that in a person.

 Awakened Living   : Janice Lynne Lundy has a way of  presenting  a bead of wisdom  in which to live our daily lives by and breaks them down with suggestions to applying them to our inner work. I can always count on these beads to calm me right down.

Powered by Intuition :  I found Angela Artemis blog about strengthening our Intuition to be very beneficial in which she gives lessons to do to reinforce and know when our intuition is speaking to us.  

I would be amis if I didn’t mention  Wishcasting Wednesday Jamie Ridler presents a promt each Wednesday to us that allows us to search deep within ourselves to find what our inner wishes are and to act on them for sucesses in every aspect of our lives.  I know she has had a hand in countless  soul journeys for so many.   You will find 20+ other beautiful souls there that participate in Wishcasting Wednesday on a regular basis and I encourge you to check it out.

Yes, I know I am day late LOL.  I immediately thought of  the Madonna song “Material Girl” and again I laughed. With this being the year of 2o12 and shifts in our thought process as well as universal changes going on, I realized 2012 has been rich for me in so many ways  including belongings.  

Some may disagree with me on this one and that’s ok, however on the top of my list  is having a loving and supportive husband that is so with me physically as well and emotionally, and to know we both want to belong to each other unconditionally. I say this because as many of you know from past posts that as a very young child I dreamed /longed for a tall good-hearted cowboy that enjoyed spending time with me, and I have him and so much more. Even as a kiddo people relationships were a priority over material things and to this day I still long for deeper relationships with those that I love.

    I do not get hung up on name brands of items but the expression of you get what you paid for the most part is true.  In my late 20’s through early 40’s my focus was on having a nice place to live wether it be an apartment or home… just wanted it to exude a welcoming/homey feeling. Mid 40’s,  Then my focus shifted to freeing myself from maintaining all of my belongings… I was considered OCD about house cleaning. A real Time robber of just having some fun to enjoy those belongings.  

As I have given this much thought and the material belongings that I have at this time in my life I have the things that I would like to have… I suppose some things could be newer or have more bells and whistles  and by doing this post I realize I am not lacking for any belongings i I might have wished for in the past. I truly enjoy my camera, laptop and my Iphone and interacting with them and sharing what I have learned.

Hello everyone!   

This prompt is so easy to answer today… I am truly delighted  about so many things going on in my  family~n~ friends  lives as well as my own life right now.

I have been delighted/blessed to watch so many of you having your wishes materialize in the most beautiful of ways and sharing them with us  though Wishcasting Wednesday with Jamie’s prompts.

For Me~ I normally try to wait for the “perfect time” to pursue things… but yesterday I did something HUGE in my book… even though I do not know the outcome of several tests yet,( and you know how you always have to wait till “Monday” for those answers LOL)… I went ahead and pursued  and did some inquiring on full- filling one of my Wishes… So we will wait and see if anything developes out of that.

 I am delighted  too, that several people are wanting the app to my weather webpage and are inquiring about it. There is huge satisfaction when others acknowledge your deeds or talents… often times that is what keeps us moving forward.

Delighted that Hubby is feeling better and well  enough to work on our little RV for the last couple of weekends… it is ready to roll if we wanted or needed to evacuate during hurricane season.

And  I must also include that I am Delighted in the fact that hubby let go of his couch of umpteen years… it really had served hard time and needed to be released to furniture heaven. Our living room has such a different feel to it now and room to do yoga and palaties  together… that’s always nice.

Well My list could go on and on but those are some of the most recent events that have plum delighted me!

Olla to all, this beautiful Morning,

 So Ms Jamie ask us this week on Wishcasting Wednesday, “what Heights do you wish to reach?” Last night before I went to sleep I asked the universe to help me release old habits and thoughts in order that I can experience and give/show even more unconditional love than I think I am capable of!  I have been experiencing a shift in thoughts that are so calming and resonate in me beyond words. Many of us were blessed with a Teacher or two that pushed us to question the ideology of what we were being taught even by them. With age and abundance of information available to us now, many of us are coming to understand that our teachings may not have been as truthful as once thought. I can’t tell you how many times I questioned myself and asked why doesn’t that resonate with me as the truth? Adults are telling us that these teachings are the truth, and on and on.

My personal High will be the day that any of us can discuss “what if” senceros and respect  each others beliefs as a reflection of their uniqueness… I have said for many years now… everything happens for a reason… and I want to expand that to everyone has a reason for being here and if they come into our lives there is a lesson to learn from them.

Good Morning everyone,

1st I have to say yeppee- Wishcasting is back, I am sure many of us were feeling as if a friend had left us for a while.

Once again it is so timely for me…this question of  What do you wish for your home? 

As I ponder and walk this path for achieving  more peace and tranquility in every aspect of our lives(our home, where ever it may be), I keep hearing ” make it simple, downsize, let go,etc.

 I  consider myself a girl scout type, be prepared… for the unexpected. My dad instilled this in me as well and then in the next breath as don’t waste your time on what if’s..just do what you can. No wonder I had so much “internal conflict with my core value systems until several years ago, when I started weeding out the oxymoron in my teachings.  My wonderful husband will tell you that I am OCD about home and what could happen to it. Up until about 3 years ago I had never lived in a trailer before, so for me even a really severe thunderstorm is a threat to our really old trailer. Several weeks ago NOAA was able to confirm that  we did in fact  have at least 4 tornado’s  hit ground in coastal bend here in Texas. So this is another concern that typically south texas has really never had to deal with very often.. at least not in my life time.

This time of the year is when I start preparing for possible severe Tropical weather here on the Texas coast. So this year I am trying to get all of our “critical paperwork” together  and some type of game plan before June 1st. Along with that line of thought I have also had a very strong desire to downsize. When I see how much stuff we have it becomes overwhelming and yet I am thrilled to have all of it at the same time.

 My wish  this season is for me to not take on blame for not being able to save our possessions  if we should ever lose them. I know in my heart, we will be ok if all was lost and nothing was saved,they are merely possessions and can be replaced if really needed again .

I know we are taking a break from Wishcasting Wednesdays but I still wanted to share my april experience in a little more detail, please click here.