KEEPING U POSTED WEATHERWISE  Last Summer I created this webpage  literally as TS Don was due to hit land and then vanished when I found out  how many of my Friends had no idea that Tropical Storm Don was out off the coast of  Texas.   Many may not have time to listen or choose not to listen  to conventual news media etc. My Focus is on saving them as much time as possible to get good information that pertains to their section of the TEXAS COAST… As a Storm Spoter &  Weather Watcher, Safety is my concern and goal with this website.

I also created a weather group Link    on the website for those individuals  that would like to receive a Heads-up if a storm is  threating  the TEXAS Coast. The group link is another tool to assist each other if questions should arise and possible solutions as well.

I give full credit to NOAA and National hurricane center for their guidance  etc.   I just tried to narrow down and target info that should be beneficial to all of us if we are faced with the threat of severe Weather.