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Rae, as you complete one anniversary  with the Fly Tribe and a beautiful new year starts with your own e-course, pure joy fills my heart for you and for all of us participating in your TOUCH THE MOON  course!

We all  know how some movies touch us to the very core, and many times the reason is that we dream  to live some aspect  of that story for our selves, or we are inspired to dream and live such lives or we know someone personally that have obtained their dreams and can relate totally.

Two movie’s that come to mind for me is Pay it forward” and “Avatar“. A friend recommended that I watch Pay it forward, she said I reminded her of that movie in my actions.. what a compliment.  I only watched avatar because my hubby had wanted to, but that movie stirred so many emotions in me, too many to mention, that it is in our movie collection.

The reason I mention these movies, is because too many times to count, many of us know that Rachel continually pays it forward for all of us. She shares her heart and soul with us with all that she has learned, thus we are better souls for her sharing with us.

Pay it Forward (2000)

The movie “Avatar” and the story of how through learning and experiencing other forms of art(another world) and exposing  oneself to other artistic souls(avatars) and embracing the differences in each of us(our personalities).       The imagine and creativity of the colors of this “other world” was breathtaking and beautiful, at least to me. Rae is always creating and imagining cool ways to achieve bliss in her journey.  

Rachel captured it when she said ” I see You” …. she truly does see  each and every one of us and accepts us 100% as our we are.  Yet she will be the 1st to encourage us if we so desire to seek what we want out of life and  to be more authentic with ourselves. 

AvatarI encourage anyone that has just even a twinge of desire to find that creative spark to give her course a try, I feel very confident that we will all learn so much about ourselves and even what direction we want to go artistically.

Love Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary


I wish to experience  sharing Joy with all of you.

Some of you may remember over a year ago posts that Rae wrote from her Blog ” Collectingyourself”. Many of us watched her blossom here on Wishcasting Wednesday with such wonderful prompts from Jamie.

I can not think of a more sincere acknowledgment of the wonderful inspiration and encouragement  Jamie gives us each week than to see another one of her previous aspiring participants succeed and see her dreams coming to fruition.

I share this with you to encourage you to pursue your wishes.  Rae is seeing success due to lots of hard work and planning and yes lots of dream boards and others like yourself encouraging her to not give up.

So please share in my excitement to see her offer her 1st E-Course:

And check out all of the wonderful items she has to offer at

As you will see, like us she dreamed of reaching for the moon and now you just might consider that Rae is getting to do her moon walk…   Shine Sistar Shine!!

Good afternoon to jamie all at Wishcasting Wednesdays! First let us all cool off by enjoying this picture, LOL.

 As I sat here thinking about this question, it was one of those Ahh Haa moments:

I am sharing what I would like to, that being my experiences through blogging and pictures.  I have shared several times that I  am the happiest when I can share any of my experiences even the rough ones with others to either give them a laugh or to maybe stumble a little less when  a pot hole shows up  in our daily journey. We have enough of them all on our own.

So my wish is that each one of you either from Wishcasting Wednesdays or other sources know that I am grateful each time you drop by  to see and share with me your  experiences and wishes as well.



If anything was possible what would My wish be for? How many people in your family and friends circles are truely healthy and not fighting something? For me  my wish if possible  “would have to be for everyone to have their health”. I have come to realize in a very profound level that when one has their health they may not know it but they really do have a priceless gift and are more often to lead the life they want to. By this I am referring to those words like “choice or free will”. When we find ourselves with limitations due to health issues, those in turn many times can/do change the type of choices we make. How many people do we know that don’t change jobs because of a pre-existing condition that may not be covered by another insurance company. Don’t get out bad relationships , or don’t feel they could make a major move do to a lapse in coverage  or specialist etc.   I know many of our ailments are due to poor decisions we have made or making still making that contribute to them, but those aren’t really the ones I am referring to.  I also know that many of us have diseases because of the dis-ease that is in our daily lives and many of those we can reverse some of the damage once they are diagnosed and dealt with.  But the diseases that are not reversible and continue to affect ones life nearly day in and day out.

If this wish  to allow all of us our best health possible, to come true… How drastic of a life change would this make on the earth…  What would that do to the medical industry and all the other professions that count on them.   Around here we have  coined the term “mexican restaurant at nearly every corner”  the same can just about be said  for new medical buildings.  We have to ask ourselves were is all of this sickness coming from?  Even when we are trying to make good choices about our health there sure seems to be some elements that are out of our control or that we are not aware of as of yet. If our bodies were healthy then I am sure our world would reflect the same health to a larger degree.

Jamie thank you once again for giving us such a wonderful subject in which to wish up!



It would be Wednesday evening but it’s still Wednesday and Jamie asks what does our heart wish for? I  simply wish that my heart  can always give unconditional love  and understanding for others. My heart aches for souls that are lost and empty, when I see them hurting and bitter about things that may have been misunderstood by others or themselves or just not understood period. My Wish is that their hearts heal with stitches of love. One of my many heart blessings is that know I am whole heartedly loved by many by choice

This post may be one of many ramblings but hopefully I can share all of the beauty that Serendipity and Synchronicity play in my daily life. I am sharing these events to cement my sincere appreciation  and gratitude for being acknowledged as an inspirer .

This beautiful nomination came from Rachél  and her beautiful blog The Art of  Collecting Yourself . She in fact was the one that encouraged and inspired me to start a blog. Her patience and gentle guidance has helped me to Journal as I Journey through life. Along this path I have really come to know my voice and a better understanding  and trust my inner compass.  From the one Blog I now have 3 different blogs and a website that I so enjoy participating in.

The rules for receiving “the very inspiring blogger award” are tell seven random things about yourself, thank the person who has awarded you for this award by linking back to them and pass the award over to other bloggers and let them know you’ve awarded them.

Here are my ramblings:

1st Random ramblingI really enjoy Hallmark movies, the kind that make you cry and say afterwards “Thank you Universe for all the blessings in my life”

2nd Random rambling: I enjoy cool/cold weather with hot teas and toddies. It’s all good stuff. 

3rd Random rambling:  When having a gathering I like to “spoil” and make individual drinks of there chosing… I want our guests to feel pampered.

4th Random rambling: I enjoy chair dancing to up-beat and positive music.

5th Random rambling: I am a chocoholic of the dark kind and peanut butter together… my favorite is an ice-cream sunday with warmed up peanut butter and dark chocolate syrup… YUMMY in the TUMMY

6th Random rambling: 99% of the time I truly enjoy my 8 to 5 Job, yep go ahead and laugh but I do.

7th Random rambling: My life is so full of awesome souls and for not being a material girl I have also been blessed with lots of nice accessories that allows me to stay in touch with them in different ways.

Now the true Beauty of this award is that it allows me to extend this gift  and fits right in line with my desire  to “pay it forward” and “Plant a Kiss” . I So enjoy doing for others in a sincere and meaningful way… this is the ticket for me!

My personal belief is that everyone that has ever come into my life had purpose in my life… a lesson either for me or for them… and creating friendships and discovering what makes those friendships special is down right fun!

Here a just a some of the blogs that have helped me  stay on finding1sself ‘s path and give me food for thought as well.

Pull up a toadstool:  Tracy and I connected Immediately.  She is so open and sincere about helping others. She doesn’t worry about being politically correct or doesn’t try to sugar coat the hard truth when it needs to be put out in the universe. She is younger than me  and yet she is wise and true to herself and I respect that in a person.

 Awakened Living   : Janice Lynne Lundy has a way of  presenting  a bead of wisdom  in which to live our daily lives by and breaks them down with suggestions to applying them to our inner work. I can always count on these beads to calm me right down.

Powered by Intuition :  I found Angela Artemis blog about strengthening our Intuition to be very beneficial in which she gives lessons to do to reinforce and know when our intuition is speaking to us.  

I would be amis if I didn’t mention  Wishcasting Wednesday Jamie Ridler presents a promt each Wednesday to us that allows us to search deep within ourselves to find what our inner wishes are and to act on them for sucesses in every aspect of our lives.  I know she has had a hand in countless  soul journeys for so many.   You will find 20+ other beautiful souls there that participate in Wishcasting Wednesday on a regular basis and I encourge you to check it out.

Many of you know  Rae by her beautiful personality and contagious smile of hers. Through her blogs she has been encouraging us to make sure do our  “self  care &  self  love”.   She is living her dream through lots of hard work and determination.  Each day she does her studies to stay focused and allows her path to unfold with a gentle wish here or there and dedicates her blogs to the universe so that her dream will manifest.

                                           The Art of Collecting Yourself

Her blogs and creations  flow so eloquently. Have had a chance to check out her creativity tribe   on Facebook?

Each piece of her art is from cultivating and nurturing  creative hearts, hers and ours.

Check out this beautiful set she created knowing my favorite colors and style. I am so proud  to be the wearer of such beautiful art.  OH and the energy I receive when I am wearing them well that is unexplainable but trust me it is wonderful. Here is another beautiful piece she did.  She is looking forward to the launch of her Etsey store opening up soon where we will all be able to see many many facets of her art, So looking forward to that for her as well.  

Remember that you too can dream and make those dreams come true, so hang in there and keep plotting your path to your successes as well.

Love, Light & Laughter ~ SS Rosemary

Jamie asks us ” what do we wish for the World ” in the Month of that is symbolic of Love.

Everyone in this group is connected so deeply to our world and we want to try make it a better and  a more loving place than it has been to us at times. We desire for our friends, family, children and total strangers to be accepted for the loving individuals that we all can be. Many of us  are in  this Wishcasting Wednesday group to help our-selves  and others find the best way to  share our love and creativity in a loving environment(our world).

Several Famous celebrities that I must acknowledge that try to make the world a better place and dialog for understanding one another a little easier.

None of these people are any more gifted than you or me. They have worked hard for years to be able to achieve their dreams and desires.  Those dreams were to help others along the way- help them jump over some of those pitfalls that many times we find our selves in. Over the years, I made the choice to listen to them and/or their guests. Not saying their advise is right for everyone, but I personally was very glad that their shows were accessible when I needed some extra encouragement or clarity. The connecting  and provoking  topics and those ah- ah moments  that helped me realized that my  heart “and my “taught belief system” were not in harmony. This caused me a lot of grief and millions of questions over and over “why this and why that”.  I realize now that it was this conflict of “this is how I am suppose to feel” vs “this is how I feel and it resonates as the truth in me” . Once I said “SELF”  if these are your beliefs and they feel true then accept them unless otherwise proven differently and move on. Realizing that I couldn’t change the past… gave me the power to know that I can and choose to make the present the best it can be.

I have not taken the time as of yet,  but  feel sure that they all have their special causes and give of themselves also, to make the world a better place for as many as they can touch,not because of who they are but because of their dream to make this world better.

None of these are in any deliberate order and my short list of celebrities that have made a difference in my life are: 

Delilah – Now here’s a lady that helps millions through the radio by sharing her stories and stories of others that are hurting deeply,comforting through music.

Oprah Winfrey– Encouraging us to journal, and to look at all the roles as a woman we have to juggle and still take care of ourselves as a whole woman.To  question situations that we might be in, and why do we stay when they are not healthy relationships, if we choose to stay what needs to be corrected, and options for making the changes necessary to be true to ourselves.

Dr. Phil– Yes, he is a spin-off of Oprah, but he could take his Professional experience to give an objective view towards relationships and/or behaviors…  he could dish out the “Tough Love” and say “How is that working for you?”

Dr Oz – Oh yes and another spin-off of Oprah. His sincerity in wanting to help all of us get healthier and to explain it in such a manner that many of us actually started to understand what was going on in our bodies and how to correct that problem, without making us feel stupid.

The Not of Famous list of  Super Souls so outnumber my short list of celebs it would go on and on….. To all the wonderful people in my life that have been there in the darkest of days and the brightest of days as well, I salute you and forever grateful for you light to shine for me.

My wish is : to be able to bring a smile to someone as often as possible each and every day, In hopes that it makes their world brighter cause I know you make mine SHINE !

Love, Light & Laughter  ~ Rosemary

Serendipity means a “happy accident” or “pleasant surprise”; specifically, the accident of finding something good or useful without looking for it.

Synchronicity is best describe as relationships and how things in the universe work together in a seemingly unrelated way.

I often feel that I over use these words and yet there is nothing else that explains events in my life any better than the words of Serendipity  and Synchronicity. They are at work in its purest forms.  I have my greatest auh hauh moments when I reconize these events at work in my life. One of my dearest friends Rae and I are always sharing our stories about such events. What is even more amazing is while one of us is acknowledging this to our self the other one will usually call within a day the events.  This past week was one of those times.

  • For about a year now,  I  have been following  Angela and learning from her about  tweeking our Intitutuion. I have been so lucky to have found her and her site… there is always a new way to look at something and try her suggestions… and the really cool part is it works…
  • While reading a comment that Joy had made on a fellow bloggers page, I was called to learn more about her response and why she may have written it… that is when I came accross an invitation to do a clairity session with Joy.  I asked for the survey and failed to complete it for over a week, the timing wasn’t right?  I woke up one night knowing I needed to anwser the survey and send it off to her right then. Turns out she recieved it the same night and a special bond was made.
  • Wednesday or Thrusday of last week Rae asked if we could get together next week for lunch… sure and Monday was picked. I had wanted to tell her about a couple of dreams I had had about her path.
  • At the end of the week of the clarity session, Joy had suggested that I might want to read some more about her story on a web site… YOU wanta take a guess who’s website it showed up on??? Yep your right, on Angelias. The minute I saw the blue sky and clouds I knew without even having to read it that was Angelas site… I just welled up in happy tears at how the past couple of weeks completed a circle of affrimations for all four of us.
  • Today Rae and I had our lunch and cried happy tears that we both are having our deams come true and that we truely can understand the pure joy of them coming to fruitiation. She suggested that I might consider creating a Synchronicity chart of events… so here is my first attempt at a squared full circle. I am also thinking i will keep this chart for the year 2012 and see what all developes from these new connections in my life.  Well for some reason I am unable to post the picture of my chart… I will keep working on it.



Good Morning,

as I open and read todays email I received 3 emails this morning.  2 of which were inspirational and the 3rd was a result of being inspired to do more with my photography. This link is to a beautiful short video that was shared with me and wanted to make sure others were just as inspired  Growing is forever

This Daily Law of Attraction quotation sure sums up how I want to live my life to the fullest.
Be easy about it. Don’t rush into things. Savor them more. Make more
plans and be more deliberate and specific about the plans that you are
making; and in all that you do, let your dominant intent be to find that
which pleasures you as you imagine it. Let your desire for pleasure —
your desire for feeling good — be your only guiding light. As you seek
those thoughts that feel good, you will always be in vibrational harmony
with the Energy that is your Source. And, under those conditions, only
good can come to you; and only good can come from you.
— Abraham