Behind the door, there stands a Student.  I CHOSE FOR THE STUDENT TO BE ME.

What does this Student study?  People and our surroundings.

Is this Student focusing on studies, or goofing off and day-dreaming? As the student I desire that each day will allow me time to study one person or take time to enjoy the beauty of a flower. I am not sure I have ever been accused of day dreaming and this is something I would like to take part in more.   
Are you missing something important in something that you are studying, or seeking to study? Probably the most important thing that I need to focus on in my studies is to stay in the moment, no matter what task that may be.  
What does this Student have to tell you?  What secrets does this Student have to give you? That inner voice (the student) continues to tell me that I am enough and that is enough. Secretes untold hopefully will be in the days ahead where as a part of earth we all learn and can fully understand what being “of One”  means  and be able to participate in this awakening as one.  
What do you carry away from this meeting? A confirmation that there is more to learn about why we are here and to find the true beauty in it all.

Beck Low Curiosities  has  created this email workshop with visual prompts as well as several questions  to allow ourselves to learn a bit more about ourselves and reflections of our Life experiences. I truly do not know what to expect from this experience, but I have often said when one door closes another opens… so I am going to see where this workshop takes me with no expectations.