What does this Archetype have to tell you?  Where does he or she take you?
What does the Hero have to teach you?
What do you have to teach the Hero?


Beck Low Curiosities  has  created this email workshop with visual prompts as well as several questions  to allow ourselves to learn a bit more about ourselves and reflections of our Life experiences. I truly do not know what to expect from this experience, but I have often said when one door closes another opens… so I am going to see where this workshop takes me with no expectations.

Most likely a Hero would be behind this door for me. I admire strong men. Not in physical strength but in principles and convictions. Since a small girl… Cowboys have always pulled at my heart-strings… for their hard work, sense of right and wrong and their respect for the land they tend as well.. If I had to have one poster to represent my hero, it would have to be JOHN WAYNE.