Jamie asks us ” what do we wish for the World ” in the Month of that is symbolic of Love.

Everyone in this group is connected so deeply to our world and we want to try make it a better and  a more loving place than it has been to us at times. We desire for our friends, family, children and total strangers to be accepted for the loving individuals that we all can be. Many of us  are in  this Wishcasting Wednesday group to help our-selves  and others find the best way to  share our love and creativity in a loving environment(our world).

Several Famous celebrities that I must acknowledge that try to make the world a better place and dialog for understanding one another a little easier.

None of these people are any more gifted than you or me. They have worked hard for years to be able to achieve their dreams and desires.  Those dreams were to help others along the way- help them jump over some of those pitfalls that many times we find our selves in. Over the years, I made the choice to listen to them and/or their guests. Not saying their advise is right for everyone, but I personally was very glad that their shows were accessible when I needed some extra encouragement or clarity. The connecting  and provoking  topics and those ah- ah moments  that helped me realized that my  heart “and my “taught belief system” were not in harmony. This caused me a lot of grief and millions of questions over and over “why this and why that”.  I realize now that it was this conflict of “this is how I am suppose to feel” vs “this is how I feel and it resonates as the truth in me” . Once I said “SELF”  if these are your beliefs and they feel true then accept them unless otherwise proven differently and move on. Realizing that I couldn’t change the past… gave me the power to know that I can and choose to make the present the best it can be.

I have not taken the time as of yet,  but  feel sure that they all have their special causes and give of themselves also, to make the world a better place for as many as they can touch,not because of who they are but because of their dream to make this world better.

None of these are in any deliberate order and my short list of celebrities that have made a difference in my life are: 

Delilah – Now here’s a lady that helps millions through the radio by sharing her stories and stories of others that are hurting deeply,comforting through music.

Oprah Winfrey– Encouraging us to journal, and to look at all the roles as a woman we have to juggle and still take care of ourselves as a whole woman.To  question situations that we might be in, and why do we stay when they are not healthy relationships, if we choose to stay what needs to be corrected, and options for making the changes necessary to be true to ourselves.

Dr. Phil– Yes, he is a spin-off of Oprah, but he could take his Professional experience to give an objective view towards relationships and/or behaviors…  he could dish out the “Tough Love” and say “How is that working for you?”

Dr Oz – Oh yes and another spin-off of Oprah. His sincerity in wanting to help all of us get healthier and to explain it in such a manner that many of us actually started to understand what was going on in our bodies and how to correct that problem, without making us feel stupid.

The Not of Famous list of  Super Souls so outnumber my short list of celebs it would go on and on….. To all the wonderful people in my life that have been there in the darkest of days and the brightest of days as well, I salute you and forever grateful for you light to shine for me.

My wish is : to be able to bring a smile to someone as often as possible each and every day, In hopes that it makes their world brighter cause I know you make mine SHINE !

Love, Light & Laughter  ~ Rosemary