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Many of you know  Rae by her beautiful personality and contagious smile of hers. Through her blogs she has been encouraging us to make sure do our  “self  care &  self  love”.   She is living her dream through lots of hard work and determination.  Each day she does her studies to stay focused and allows her path to unfold with a gentle wish here or there and dedicates her blogs to the universe so that her dream will manifest.

                                           The Art of Collecting Yourself

Her blogs and creations  flow so eloquently. Have had a chance to check out her creativity tribe   on Facebook?

Each piece of her art is from cultivating and nurturing  creative hearts, hers and ours.

Check out this beautiful set she created knowing my favorite colors and style. I am so proud  to be the wearer of such beautiful art.  OH and the energy I receive when I am wearing them well that is unexplainable but trust me it is wonderful. Here is another beautiful piece she did.  She is looking forward to the launch of her Etsey store opening up soon where we will all be able to see many many facets of her art, So looking forward to that for her as well.  

Remember that you too can dream and make those dreams come true, so hang in there and keep plotting your path to your successes as well.

Love, Light & Laughter ~ SS Rosemary


         Jamie Ridler  asks us about  what we want time  for this week. Once again incredible timely for me, no pun intended LOL. Time and what I do with it is still a struggle for me… I sent goals to section my time out and still I fail at doing all the things I want to do in a day.  As someone who can be OCD about housekeeping and doing many of the things that I feel I need to on a regular basis….find myself with too little  time and very little energy.

This past week has been rather busy mentally with what started out with serendipitous events that played out synchronicity left and right with a very strong lesson on Intitution as well.  If you would like to read about that please see the previous two posts regarding these events.  

As I have been contemplating these events and realizing how close (3 finger widths from hitting the highway divider Friday Morning) I came to possibly not having any more time  here to play more,  Time is incredibly precious to me.  If there is still another message I am to receive from all of those events last week from the universe I am hopeful it is revealed soon and timely.

By sharing this tidbit I hope it will bring a laugh to your soul. I did keep a promise Friday to a dear friend and blogger, that if it rained I would do some kind of happy dance.. as it turned out.. while we were having lunch together it began to rain…so I did my rain dance of gradatude, I am sure it looked more like the chicken dance than anything… but we laughed so hard until we almost cried. Timing is everything!

originally I was going to wish that we all take a time to thank someone in our lives for inspiring us… but then I went “da”  that is what Wishcasting Wednesdays is all about… So I personally want to thank all of you Wonderful Wednesday Wishcasters that take time to stop by and wish with me as I do with you.

My personal wish this week  is to make a list of the things I want to do with my “free” time and reevaluate them. I know that following many of you and your blogs have become even more important to me in the past year. As well as, my love for capturing & understanding  our universe better through my photographs and chosing to be outside more.

Love, Light & Laughter ~ Rosemary

So this morning as I am driving in to work, reflecting on this week, and another set of lights, this time it was a police car on the other side of the highway. Thankfully I was in the left lane as this truck must have been distracted by the lights as he merged right into the my lane where I was. I whipped into the emergency lane all the while trying to come to a stop quickly from 65 miles an hour to Zero in 50 feet or so, because this emergency lane was coming to an abrupt end. I sat there for a few minutes to compose myself and to see just how close I was to the barricades. I got out and 3 finger widths space was all that was between my car and the barricade. Now my prayer was thank you for taking care and looking over me safely. I know there was a change in me at that very moment. Instead of wanting to curse that driver for not seeing me… I was so grateful that we both were ok and I came to the conclusion that it had to have been the lights of the police car that distracted him as he was merging and not that he was just an idiot, not paying attention to the road.  Funny cause I posted a picture of a road just yesterday, HUM???? 

 OK hoping all is well in your world, My Friday will include some Java and lots of really deep breaths. Oh and a wish that I can teleport myself  to Rockport tonite and not have to drive .


I have to share because the last 24 hours, heck this whole week so far has been full of synchronicity.  

Monday – We are helped with a purchase at department store by one of my friends granddaughters that I had lost contact with because she changed her phone number. Before we leave her Mother comes in and we get to visit and exchange new phone numbers.

  An observation made– As we leave the plaza, I see that traffic is backed up with several emergency vehicles attending the site,  so I say my  prayers of wellness for them.

Tuesday– Valentines day, I received several really kind texts, several from the same family members I visited with Monday -remembering me on valentine’s day… I was very touched.

Wednesday–  Observation – As I am going to lunch I am aware that there are many city vehicles with their yellow lights on… I am wondering to my self, what is going on with that? On my way back from lunch I see two different ambulances, different parts of the city in route to hospitals. I get a chill through my body, and acknowledge that I need to be very cautious, but not sure about what, but be extra observant about things around me.  

At 4:44 my sister-in-law calls and tells me that my Father-in-law has fallen and was rushed by ambulance to a Corpus Hosptial.I am at the hospital by 5:10 to be with my mother- in- law as they are doing the normal testing etc. It appears he will be ok just a tiny fracture of his right shoulder and pretty banged up. Dodged a bullet there. On my way home on the cell phone I am telling my husband about all the signs I was getting with yellow lights and ambulances and how that must have been my clue about what happened to my father-in-law and was feeling relieved that must have been what that was all about.

ThursdayObservation this morning As I drive into work I see another ambulance racing to the hospital, saying prayers that they would be ok and being so thankful that we were safe, healthy and happy. 

 Just then my phone rings and it is from the Mother of the daughter that had helped us on Monday to let me know it appears that their dad had a stoke and he was on the way to the hospital.  I took a deep breath and thanked the universe for “signs”  for  alerting again for this event as well. Once my co-worker arrived at work I dashed over to the hospital to see if I could do anything for the family and was pleasantly surprised find that he is doing ok… appears to just be a TIA instead of a full-blown stroke. Visited for just a minute or so with everyone there and said my good-byes.  Another couple of  deep breaths of relief and back to work.

two different types of events..1.running into this family that I had not seen in many months, getting cell phone numbers to stay in touch. 2. Seeing yellow lights and ambulances in transit to hospitals and being given that nudge that the universe gives that says “heads up”…. two different families have two trips to the hospital with one of them by ambulance.

 Synchronicity truly at work here. Needless to say the universe has my full attention this week.

 My wish is for all to be right with the world, family,friends and strangers alike.

Love, Light & Laughter too ~ Rosemary

Jamie asks us ” what do we wish for the World ” in the Month of that is symbolic of Love.

Everyone in this group is connected so deeply to our world and we want to try make it a better and  a more loving place than it has been to us at times. We desire for our friends, family, children and total strangers to be accepted for the loving individuals that we all can be. Many of us  are in  this Wishcasting Wednesday group to help our-selves  and others find the best way to  share our love and creativity in a loving environment(our world).

Several Famous celebrities that I must acknowledge that try to make the world a better place and dialog for understanding one another a little easier.

None of these people are any more gifted than you or me. They have worked hard for years to be able to achieve their dreams and desires.  Those dreams were to help others along the way- help them jump over some of those pitfalls that many times we find our selves in. Over the years, I made the choice to listen to them and/or their guests. Not saying their advise is right for everyone, but I personally was very glad that their shows were accessible when I needed some extra encouragement or clarity. The connecting  and provoking  topics and those ah- ah moments  that helped me realized that my  heart “and my “taught belief system” were not in harmony. This caused me a lot of grief and millions of questions over and over “why this and why that”.  I realize now that it was this conflict of “this is how I am suppose to feel” vs “this is how I feel and it resonates as the truth in me” . Once I said “SELF”  if these are your beliefs and they feel true then accept them unless otherwise proven differently and move on. Realizing that I couldn’t change the past… gave me the power to know that I can and choose to make the present the best it can be.

I have not taken the time as of yet,  but  feel sure that they all have their special causes and give of themselves also, to make the world a better place for as many as they can touch,not because of who they are but because of their dream to make this world better.

None of these are in any deliberate order and my short list of celebrities that have made a difference in my life are: 

Delilah – Now here’s a lady that helps millions through the radio by sharing her stories and stories of others that are hurting deeply,comforting through music.

Oprah Winfrey– Encouraging us to journal, and to look at all the roles as a woman we have to juggle and still take care of ourselves as a whole woman.To  question situations that we might be in, and why do we stay when they are not healthy relationships, if we choose to stay what needs to be corrected, and options for making the changes necessary to be true to ourselves.

Dr. Phil– Yes, he is a spin-off of Oprah, but he could take his Professional experience to give an objective view towards relationships and/or behaviors…  he could dish out the “Tough Love” and say “How is that working for you?”

Dr Oz – Oh yes and another spin-off of Oprah. His sincerity in wanting to help all of us get healthier and to explain it in such a manner that many of us actually started to understand what was going on in our bodies and how to correct that problem, without making us feel stupid.

The Not of Famous list of  Super Souls so outnumber my short list of celebs it would go on and on….. To all the wonderful people in my life that have been there in the darkest of days and the brightest of days as well, I salute you and forever grateful for you light to shine for me.

My wish is : to be able to bring a smile to someone as often as possible each and every day, In hopes that it makes their world brighter cause I know you make mine SHINE !

Love, Light & Laughter  ~ Rosemary

What a neat thought this is!!!! I just have to share my first experience with acknowledging what you wish to attract in one’s life. My dear friend and Roommate at the time  suggested that I write a list of all the qualities that I would like in a partner… and so I did kinda laughing to my self,like sure??? it was more of the thought this is why you will not find your dream person,lol, that was in June of  2008. I will always remember the laugh she and I had over my list… it went something like this. GOOD LUCK with FINDING A COWBOY THAT IS OPEN-MINDED AND SPIRITUAL TOO!!!. Well to this day we all have such a hearty laugh over that because I am here to tell you that is just what walked into my Life on December 12, 2008 and we were married July 25, 2009.    The other part of this story is that when I made this list… after reading it we both agreed that my wish list was quite a”tall order” to say the least, Yep he is 6’5″ tall. We enjoy each and every day together and they are better than the day before… SO I AM HERE TODAY TO TELL YOU ALL…WISHING AND DESIRING TO ATTRACT THINGS IN YOUR LIFE works, your part in it is to KNOW what you are truly needing in your life in order to make that WISH list come true.

My wish today is for all of you to take a few minutes today and make the written list of the things you want to attract in your life… Date it and keep it handy for review. If it is more flowers in your garden, then you will find a to have more flowers in your garden, if it is insight, it will come… the universe is ours to play in and manifest our desires and wishes.

Many times we blog and we think to ourselves, what for?? or does anyone really hear what we are trying to say???.

Cindi and I made a pact today and we both are determined to be anyones “ears and shoulders” if they are in need of it. Neither one of us are experts at this but we do know the pain 1st hand and we know it can be a hard road but NOT an IMPOSSIBLE one. Please take time to read her blog today.

 I admire her strength to address serious depression & the sad results of it if not dealt with. She opens up to all of us and shares her story. Todays blog is in response Cindi’s blog and to the postings that I did back in January 4th & 5th of this year.


 Jamie Ridler Studios question this Wednesday is what would I want people to know about me.  My desire is that my close family and friends  know that I keep them in my prayers and only wish them a continued life full of blessings and happiness. To know that I am very content and at peace with where my path has brought me thus far

As a child  I could often sense that the  adults around me were having troubles but didn’t understand what they were or why… I would feel bad for them and wanted to make it better.. try to do things to cheer them up or try to fix it.

 As an adult I finally understood that not everything can be fixed, and most importantly I learned I can’t fix other people’s issues. I think the  buzz words were “co-dependant” or “dysfunctional family”  when I went through my “crisis”  It took more than 40 years to get that…Even as an adult I so wanted to do some little something and somehow that would magically fix whatever was the problem… If someone needed food, then a bag of groceries would be given to them, clothes, etc.  I spent too much time wanting to help others before taking care of myself and my issues. That expression “if you don’t take care of yourself”, how are you going to help others… there is way too much truth in that statement. Once my body shut down and said’s time to deal and toss what doesn’t work for you, and then you can go back to doing for others. The caleche of “be true to yourself” are 4 of the strongest words anyone can live by. 

At 50 I can be true to myself and be happy with myself… and the things I might like to improve on or discard, are things that I now know I can tackle when I am ready and not beat myself up until I do.

The beautiful part of this journey is that I don’t have to verbally tell people who I am, they say they can see it in my face. I know my family and friends KNOW that I am doing terrific and that I am having fun each and every day, and that it can be done. It’s not  always easy to know which fork in the road to take but it is our choice as to how we mentally travel the path.

Here we are another Year passed and I am still battling the weight. I know, I really do understand and know what good eating habits are… I just can’t seem to get the quantity of portions right and my desire for something sweet on the weekend needs to come to an end as well . After a visit to the orthopedic Surgon last week, he has changed my range of excercise in order to minimize the wear and tear on my knee.I am not a candidate for Knee replacement due to the nature of my injury, so I must work with my limitations, and I will. I am supposed to do more stationary stuff like elliptical, biking and swimming instead of so much walking on my good days. So my goal will be to cook at home on the weekends, I think that is our downfall in calories oh and margaritas too don’t help I am sure of that. OK NOW that I have confessed maybe I can tackle it better!!!!. My sister has done remarkable this past year at losing the weight she wanted , and I am so proud of her.
Wellness I think I am doing ok on that, I am listening to my body more and if I hurt, I stop… that’s a big one for me… If I have a real desire to tackle a project I make that my priority that evening and then enjoy the rest of the evening.

Good Morning to all this wonderful Wednesday Morning. Jamie asks us what wish do you hear? I  wish to hear  and experience more Peace!!!

How does one go about finding peace? I was once told you have to feed your Spiritual self the things it craves. So for me if I wish for more peace in my world – I also need to nourish myself with it as well. As I think about my nourishment, that would include, good food, music that is pleasant to my ear and soul. surroundings that are peaceful and relaxing. Last but not least… friends and family that help create that peace for me… and there my friends- might lay the hardest part of the equation for a lot of  us. After many years of searching and coming to terms with  different relationships in my life… I had to do some choosing as to those people who helped me obtain peace and gently dis-associate my self with those that caused anxiety and a major  ZAPPING of my energy when i would be around them. It can be one of the hardest things to do, but it can be critical in following your dreams and even achieving them.   i still have to do this exercise from time to time to stay on course:

When you  are sharing  a dream- big or small, really observe when asking friends or family their thoughts about it.

 Are they truly supportive ?or do they tear it apart   finding all the faults with it at every turn?… It is one thing if they have actually experienced some portion of your dream  and want to help you bypass some of the pitfalls that might come along while still encouraging you to follow  and fulfill  your dream/s. If it had been their dream and it failed consider they might be some  jealously or even resentment that you could actually succeed at it! 

  This is why  having a wonderful place  like Jamie’s Wishcasting Wednesdays  site is so important to all of us it is a safe  place to wish and dream and have endless support and encouragement. 

Even though I am still working on my artistic dream and not really sure where it will go, I have concluded that being connected to Wishcasting Wednesday is one way that I nourish peace in my thoughts and life… when I skip it I feel like I have missed a wonderful meal! Again Thank you Jamie for all of your support.