Good Morning everyone,

1st I have to say yeppee- Wishcasting is back, I am sure many of us were feeling as if a friend had left us for a while.

Once again it is so timely for me…this question of  What do you wish for your home? 

As I ponder and walk this path for achieving  more peace and tranquility in every aspect of our lives(our home, where ever it may be), I keep hearing ” make it simple, downsize, let go,etc.

 I  consider myself a girl scout type, be prepared… for the unexpected. My dad instilled this in me as well and then in the next breath as don’t waste your time on what if’s..just do what you can. No wonder I had so much “internal conflict with my core value systems until several years ago, when I started weeding out the oxymoron in my teachings.  My wonderful husband will tell you that I am OCD about home and what could happen to it. Up until about 3 years ago I had never lived in a trailer before, so for me even a really severe thunderstorm is a threat to our really old trailer. Several weeks ago NOAA was able to confirm that  we did in fact  have at least 4 tornado’s  hit ground in coastal bend here in Texas. So this is another concern that typically south texas has really never had to deal with very often.. at least not in my life time.

This time of the year is when I start preparing for possible severe Tropical weather here on the Texas coast. So this year I am trying to get all of our “critical paperwork” together  and some type of game plan before June 1st. Along with that line of thought I have also had a very strong desire to downsize. When I see how much stuff we have it becomes overwhelming and yet I am thrilled to have all of it at the same time.

 My wish  this season is for me to not take on blame for not being able to save our possessions  if we should ever lose them. I know in my heart, we will be ok if all was lost and nothing was saved,they are merely possessions and can be replaced if really needed again .