So this morning as I am driving in to work, reflecting on this week, and another set of lights, this time it was a police car on the other side of the highway. Thankfully I was in the left lane as this truck must have been distracted by the lights as he merged right into the my lane where I was. I whipped into the emergency lane all the while trying to come to a stop quickly from 65 miles an hour to Zero in 50 feet or so, because this emergency lane was coming to an abrupt end. I sat there for a few minutes to compose myself and to see just how close I was to the barricades. I got out and 3 finger widths space was all that was between my car and the barricade. Now my prayer was thank you for taking care and looking over me safely. I know there was a change in me at that very moment. Instead of wanting to curse that driver for not seeing me… I was so grateful that we both were ok and I came to the conclusion that it had to have been the lights of the police car that distracted him as he was merging and not that he was just an idiot, not paying attention to the road.  Funny cause I posted a picture of a road just yesterday, HUM???? 

 OK hoping all is well in your world, My Friday will include some Java and lots of really deep breaths. Oh and a wish that I can teleport myself  to Rockport tonite and not have to drive .