I have to share because the last 24 hours, heck this whole week so far has been full of synchronicity.  

Monday – We are helped with a purchase at department store by one of my friends granddaughters that I had lost contact with because she changed her phone number. Before we leave her Mother comes in and we get to visit and exchange new phone numbers.

  An observation made– As we leave the plaza, I see that traffic is backed up with several emergency vehicles attending the site,  so I say my  prayers of wellness for them.

Tuesday– Valentines day, I received several really kind texts, several from the same family members I visited with Monday -remembering me on valentine’s day… I was very touched.

Wednesday–  Observation – As I am going to lunch I am aware that there are many city vehicles with their yellow lights on… I am wondering to my self, what is going on with that? On my way back from lunch I see two different ambulances, different parts of the city in route to hospitals. I get a chill through my body, and acknowledge that I need to be very cautious, but not sure about what, but be extra observant about things around me.  

At 4:44 my sister-in-law calls and tells me that my Father-in-law has fallen and was rushed by ambulance to a Corpus Hosptial.I am at the hospital by 5:10 to be with my mother- in- law as they are doing the normal testing etc. It appears he will be ok just a tiny fracture of his right shoulder and pretty banged up. Dodged a bullet there. On my way home on the cell phone I am telling my husband about all the signs I was getting with yellow lights and ambulances and how that must have been my clue about what happened to my father-in-law and was feeling relieved that must have been what that was all about.

ThursdayObservation this morning As I drive into work I see another ambulance racing to the hospital, saying prayers that they would be ok and being so thankful that we were safe, healthy and happy. 

 Just then my phone rings and it is from the Mother of the daughter that had helped us on Monday to let me know it appears that their dad had a stoke and he was on the way to the hospital.  I took a deep breath and thanked the universe for “signs”  for  alerting again for this event as well. Once my co-worker arrived at work I dashed over to the hospital to see if I could do anything for the family and was pleasantly surprised find that he is doing ok… appears to just be a TIA instead of a full-blown stroke. Visited for just a minute or so with everyone there and said my good-byes.  Another couple of  deep breaths of relief and back to work.

two different types of events..1.running into this family that I had not seen in many months, getting cell phone numbers to stay in touch. 2. Seeing yellow lights and ambulances in transit to hospitals and being given that nudge that the universe gives that says “heads up”…. two different families have two trips to the hospital with one of them by ambulance.

 Synchronicity truly at work here. Needless to say the universe has my full attention this week.

 My wish is for all to be right with the world, family,friends and strangers alike.

Love, Light & Laughter too ~ Rosemary