Once again a very timely question from Jamie. She asks of ourselves, what do we wish to try…. my goodness that would be an endless list of fun stuff.

Today is a bit different, As I try to Balance my emotions, eating habits and life in general, I am also trying  very hard to understand the lesson/s or the memories that I need to hold on too and which ones to let go of from yesterday.  

I feel quite certain that many of you have experienced events that Happen in threes or very close together. Well my three happened all in one day- yesterday.

One of our dear friends passed away from Brain Cancer.

I found out that of my another friends marriage is falling apart after 20+ years.

When I got home our new young neighbor came over to confide and released a lot of emotion. She is finally facing that she is in a extremly abusive relationship and that she needs to take a new path towards peace and a supporting network. As she spoke, I knew that her Higher power stepped into the situation and events unfolded yesterday in order for her to find the strength to walk away. 

 My family and friends know that I will always try to find a way be there for them when possible. Even though these things are sad I did try to be there for my husband, friend and neighbor all in one day.   

I have always heard this expression, “it was a  trying day. As I look back at yesterday,and yes I think that would be a good description.  Not sure if being there was enough for all of them,  I know I did Try… and that is all we can do each day.   So I hope we all take with us a sense that as long as we do TRY to live each day to the fullest we have succeeded no matter where our daily journey takes us.

Today I will Try  to share more Love and Laughter

After the storm

– Rosemary